What do you need?

Not sure if you've heard of the term "motorhomer's midnight".  Well, some of us like an early night, but if you're forced to retire early because you don't have enough power to run the lights and TV until you're ready for bed, then you'll be familiar with lights out at 8 or 9 o'clock.

But thanks to lithium technology, these days are fading.

Lithium allows you to have that air conditioner, air fryer, coffee machine, hair dryer, blender, bread maker, electric blankets - pretty well anything to make life on the road more comfortable, limited by space and the money you want to spend for the power to do these things.

Let's take a look at some questions you need to ask yourself when considering an upgrade to lithium. 


If you already have a lead acid battery, what is its capacity?  Is it enough to do what you do now?  Is it enough to do what you'd like to be doing?  Read more...


Again, if you already have some solar, is it enough for your current needs, or are you struggling to produce enough power to recharge your battery each day?  Would you like to be one of these seemingly mystical people who run an air conditioner from their battery?  Quite a few of our customers do!   Read more...

Inverter options

Some people run only 12 volt electrical appliances and gas for cooking.  As word of the the lithium lifestyle spreads, more and more want to run a 240V fridge (much cheaper to buy and repair), split-system household air conditioning (same), air fryer, coffee machine, hair dryer, electric blankets and more.  We and our customers who run these conveniences of modern life call it "glamping".  If this is piquing your interest, you will need to look at inverter options.  Read more...

Charging Options

Solar power is not your only option to power your RV lifestyle and let's face it, the sun isn't going shine every day.  Read on to find out how to seamlessly link in mains charging, DC to DC charging and portable solor panels.  Read more...

What about the gear I already have?

We can - and frequently do - use the solar regulator, battery monitor, charger and inverter that you already have. We have a list of our preferred products as well as a list of products that customers have already installed that we've successfully used in the past.  Where applicable, we'll tell you any issues we've had.  Read more...

a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.