What do you need?

Inverter options

If you want to run 240V household appliances, you'll need to convert the DC power coming from your battery to AC power - this is what an inverter does.

Whilst you can purchase a lot of appliances which run on 12V or 24V power, they are usually expensive to buy, expensive to repair and difficult to find repairers for them.  Fridges are a strong case for buying 240V - they cost less, you can purchase them from a nation-wide outlet, and there are generally 240V fridge repair tradies around.

Other appliances that are becoming increasingly popular, such as air fryers and coffee machines, probably don't exist in a DC format. You can live without them, but why should you?

Leaving aside price, these are some things to consider when looking at your inverter options:

Picking a size

What is the power required of the largest 240 volt appliance in your RV?  For most RVs, this is the air conditioner.  Some appliances have an induction motor.  This type of motor needs more power to start up than it does to keep running once it has started.  Fridges and reverse cycle air conditioners have this type of motor.  You'll need an inverter that can cover the startup draw of an induction motor long enough to get that appliance running,

When choosing an inverter that will run your largest appliance, consider whether you'll be able to run anything else at the same time.

Standby power

For an inverter that's going to stay on all or most of the day, it's important to look at the standby power of the inverter, ie; how much power it uses when it's on but not working.  Large wattage inverters often have this problem.

Consider 2 inverters  

If you have quite a few 240V appliances, you might want to consider a smaller inverter to run the things that will need to be on all or most of the day, such as a fridge, and get a smaller, less expensive inverter to run those things.  Use a large inverter for less frequently used but power hungry appliances that can be turned off when not required.

Lithium technology has made 240 volt power, and therefore 240V appliances, available to the RV traveller without the need to be connected to the grid.