Why Lithium?

Everything you know about lead-acid batteries? Push it all to one side. Lithium batteries work very differently, from the speed they charge and discharge, to the amount of power you can take from them. Probably the hardest thing to get used to is that they like to work.

Lithium chemistries

Lead-acid batteries encompass a multitude of types: flooded cell, deep cycle, gel and many more. But they are all one technology.  

Lithium, however, is a name bandied about to describe a broad range of lithium chemistries, all with differing costs, efficiencies and safety. It's important to be informed about what lithium technology you are buying, because they're not all suited to RV use.

How lead acid batteries work

Get an overview of how lead-acid batteries work, without getting too technical, so you can understand the limitations of this 19th century technology and understand why lithium batteries work so well.

How lithium batteries work

It's not really necessary to simplify how a lithium battery works, because it's already a very simple process. It's this simplicity that makes a lithium battery so much more effective and long lasting.

The importance of cell monitoring

The death of a battery will almost always be due to the death of a cell. In a sealed battery you can't access the cells to determine if a cell is in trouble.

In a T1 Lithium battery, we monitor the health of each cell and we provide you with the means and the knowledge to correct a low voltage cell if necessary.

Battery management

Often known as BMS, be careful that what you think is a Battery Management System may in fact be just a Battery Monitoring System.

We monitor our cells and our batteries, and we also manage the charging and discharging of our batteries so you can rest in the knowledge that our BMS will not only warn you when your battery is getting low, but it will automatically isolate your battery if it gets too low as well as automatically stop charging from any source once your battery is full.

Yes, you can have air con!

It has never been possible to run an air conditioner from lead-acid batteries because they simply can't deliver enough power to start an air conditioner. If you have a lithium battery, a suitable inverter and a suitable air conditioner, not only is it possible to run your air conditioner, it is being done by our customers right now!

Testing your battery

Maybe you suspect that your RV battery, or one in a set of paralleled batteries, is on the way out. With just a mains charger and some time, it's possible to diagnose the health of a battery.

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