Technical Stuff


On this page we provide the documentation to go with a T1 Lithium system.  Some of this documentation may not apply to your system, particularly if we've used equipment that you already had.

T1 Lithium customer documentation

T1 Lithium - Resetting your system if the battery has been shut down due to low power.pdf

  • What causes your system to shut down
  • The reset process
  • T1 Lithium control box – toggle switch settings

T1 Lithium - Preparing your system for storage.pdf

T1 Lithium - Correcting an out of balance cell.pdf

T1 Lithium - About your T1 Lithium system.pdf

  • The VictronTM BMV battery monitor
  • The PlasmatronicsTM Dingo 2020N solar regulator
  • The T1 Lithium control box
  • The JunsiTM logger

Manuals for equipment we use