On this page we provide the documentation to go with a T1 Lithium system. 

Some of this documentation may not apply to your system, particularly if we've used equipment that you already had, or if we've installed a basic control system rather than a full T1 Lithium set-and-forget control system.

T1 Lithium customer documentation

About your T1 Lithium system
  • Lithium batteries like to work
  • Readings that you might like to keep an eye on (but you don't have to)
  • The VictronTM BMV battery monitor
  • The PlasmatronicsTM Dingo 2020N solar regulator
  • The T1 Lithium control box
  • When your battery is full
  • The JunsiTM logger
Caring for your system
  • When 100% state of charge isn't
  • Vibration:  the bane of RV travelling
  • Checking for loose battery terminals
  • Keep objects off the battery
  • Iron ore dust
  • Cleaning solar panels
Resetting your system if the battery has been shut down due to low power
  • What causes your system to shut down
  • The reset process
  • The T1 Lithium control box
Preparing your system for storage
  • Setting up for short-term storage
  • Bringing your system back on line after short-term storage
  • Setting up for long-term storage
  • Bringing your system back on line after long-term storage
Correcting an out of balance cell
  • When will you see an out of balance cell?
  • What causes a cell imbalance?
  • The Junsi cell logger
  • Determining if a balance charge is needed
  • Identifying the correct cell to charge
  • When to do your cell balancing
  • Connecting the single cell 3.7v charger
  • Disconnecting the single cell 3.7v charger
  • How long does balance charging take?
  • Is there any danger of over-charging a cell when balancing?

Manuals for equipment we use

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